Wednesday, 21 December 2011

December for the Witch!

Hello followers and practioners of Heavy Metal, that ancient religon that lives on, thriving in the conduit between thought and electricity, mathmatics and mythology and literature and lunacy! Let the stage be our tabanacle, let our beer be the bloody cup that runneth over, let the surging current fall under the fingers of those that would make our hymns manifest, and let the aching muscles of our neck be our sacrifice to that which we dimly percieve as diety; that amber and blessed electric spirit we commune with in the warm glow of drunkeness!

Fey Ray Moribund here, friend and companion of the heavy metal group Arkham Witch. I was thinking that as a heavy metal band Arkham Witch are good, but as commicators they leave alot to be desired, so with the band's permission I have begun this blog to desseminate knowledge, news and facts about Keighley's premier practioners of heavy metal music!

Ah, the hoary sentience of old man winter is drawn upon us like Lord Nodens himself returning from the deeps! But fret ye not! Under the illusion of glistening stillness in that veiled shroud of grey, when we all await our Father Odin in his yearly disguise as Mr Claus to reap the benifits of the boons he brings, that strange collective of eccentric individuals known as Arkham Witch have been busy writing new material for their second album.
The working title of the album is 'Hammerstorm' named after a ten minute epic the lads and lass have composed about the Norse god Thor, but other song titles abound! To be wittled down to a more managable no when the time comes I am assured, Arkham Witch are currently rehearsing such numbers as 'The Cloven Sea', 'Gods of Storm and Thunder' 'Wrecking Ball' and 'On a Horse Called Vengeance', amongst others! Lead guitarist and all around metallic fellow Dodo Doom assures us that this album will be 'so fucking heavy it will compress your thoughts into the cracks and crevices of the 11 plus spacetime dimensions that surround us, to appease Lord Cthulhu and his minions in their appetite for dark energies!'
This December saw Mr Doom's 18th Birthday!  Because he is now legally entitled to consume beverages of the more adult variety, it is true that one of the practices was squandered on that old game of getting drunk and then spending two hours trying to tune a guitar, before giving up in disgust and having another can. It is a game as old as the hills and twice as bumpy, but he played it anyway! Happy Birthday Dodo!

On the eleventh day of February 2012 you can catch the 'Witch with their old mates Iron Void at a FREE GIG. The venue is the much venerated Snooty Fox, situated in the heart of Wakefield. With stunning views of all that that good town has to offer, friendly bar staff and a state of the art sound system in STEREO, it really is the place to be! See you there! And may your Yuletide be a merry one!

Fey Ray Moribund 21/12/11